Rebecca Long-Bailey

Labour Party Leadership Election Candidate

Rebecca Long-Bailey
MP for Salford and Eccles
Rebecca’s Candidate Statement

“There is a clear path to a Labour government. My leadership will take that path by first showing that under the Tories, there are too many obstacles placed in the way of millions of people’s hopes and aspirations.

“We all think that if we work hard and play by the rules we should expect to have a comfortable life. But that isn’t true for millions of people; anxiety about the future is growing faster than hope that each generation will do better than the last.

“Austerity, entrenched privilege and class divides all work against the overwhelming majority.

“To realise collective aspiration, Labour must take on vested interests, not accommodate them. Whether we live Blyth or Brixton, my vision of aspirational socialism and a democratic revolution will excite a movement for renewal.

“Retreating from popular policies that provide answers to the crises facing our country will not work: in living standards, our climate, our democracy and in our public services. I’m proud to have developed many of these policies, including our Green Industrial Revolution, which can unite our communities behind an ambitious and credible agenda.

“Our democratic revolution means taking a fresh look at our party, with open selections of MPs and a greater members’ role in policy, and applying these principles in the wider society, taking power out of Westminster.

“Our progressive path to power runs through social justice, delivering a new green economy, uniting our heartlands, empowering them to realise their dreams, hopes and aspirations. Let’s take it together.”

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