Lisa Nandy

In recent years, it’s felt as though we’ve been forced to choose between our heads – electability, familiarity, a safe pair of hands – and our hearts – principled, compassionate, brave. At only a few brief moments in our history have we found the courage to step out into the country, to wear our values proudly and offer our vision for the country we know we can be.

Now is the moment to up our game and rediscover our ambition.

‘If we want change, we have to fight for it’

This election matters. We are not only choosing the person who will lead our Party into the next election, but selecting the leader with the vision and the values capable of taking us back to power. The leader who can unite the head and heart of our movement, and rebuild the coalition of support that has delivered Labour governments just three times in the past 120 years.
Before you make up your mind
Over the coming weeks, I’ll be speaking directly to Labour members like you about the Labour Party I will lead and the different kind of leadership I will offer. If you haven’t made your mind up about who you’ll be giving your first preference to, join one of our virtual Q&As or come along to an open members’ events across the country.

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