Rebecca Long-Bailey

For over 40 years I’ve campaigned for a Labour Party that could genuinely transform our country. A government that doesn’t just manage a broken system – but remakes it.

I’m voting Rebecca While we got close in 2017, we fell short last year and we need to face up to the defeat. But we have to learn the right lessons; we cannot win by slowly retreating from the agenda our movement fought so hard to secure. By being bold we shifted public opinion on issue after issue: austerity, trade unions, taxing the rich, social security, public ownership and the climate emergency. Rebecca Long-Bailey has been at the heart of making these arguments, and you can trust her to carry forward our socialist programme. But I also know that as a working class woman from Salford, she’ll do it in her own way. And that way will win. From everything I’ve seen of her – whether it’s at the dispatch box or out in communities, she will take the fight to Boris Johnson and can connect with many voters that Jeremy and I didn’t. Electing her would be historic – not just because she can win and become Labour’s first woman Prime Minister – but because it will mean our country is on the brink of the profound economic, social and ecological change I’ve given my life to and that our communities desperately need. That is why I’m backing Rebecca Long-Bailey to be the next leader and our next Prime Minister. I hope you will too. In solidarity, John McDonnell MP

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