Unite statement on RSPCA Acas talks

Unite regional officer Jesika Parmar said: “We are very disappointed that talks yesterday (Tuesday 3 March) with the RSPCA management broke down.

“The management barely moved during the day of Acas-brokered talks which, in retrospect, appears to have been a shallow manoeuvring tactic to run down the clock to the 31 March deadline for signing the new detrimental contracts by our members.

“As a result, we have no alternative but to announce strike dates by the weekend. These will be made public once the management has been informed.

“During the strike days we want to reassure the public that give so generously to the charity that the welfare of the animals in our members’ care will be their top priority.

“Even at this eleventh hour, we urge the RSPCA to take the road of conciliation, and not confrontation, and resume negotiations in a constructive frame of mind.”

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