Police and Crime Commissioner

Tahir’s pledges to invest in prevention, increase visible policing, increase investment for victim support, community involvement and enforcing a zero tolerance to crime are the reasons I am backing him for this position. Let’s bring the PCC back to Labour in Bedfordshire which shall come with plans and aspirations that will benefit the many not the few.

After 10 years of crippling austerity there has been an increase of 57% in violent crime since 2010 across Bedfordshire alone. Consecutive Conservative Governments have stripped crucial funding from police services across the country, with reductions in the numbers of police on our streets and cuts to Luton’s youth services. This has had a devastating impact in communities – with children and young people becoming increasingly vulnerable to isolation, exploitation and gangs. Tahir Khan has over 30 years’ experience within youth and community service. He recognises the need and has the experience to not just tackle these issues head on but to also prevent them in the first place.

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