Covid-19 Update 3

Here’s a brief response to the Chancellor’s new Self-Employed Income Support Scheme, announced tonight.

I think many constituents will be relieved the Chancellor, responding to the advocacy of the Federation of Small Businesses and trade unions and others, has brought forward the protection scheme for the self-employed.

However, there is a worry that if people cannot get access to the Scheme until June, as stated by the government, it will simply be too late for millions. People need support in the coming days and fortnight.

Asking people to rely on Universal Credit when more than 130,000 people are queuing online will be worrying to many people, so there is a real risk that without support until June the self-employed will feel they have to keep working, putting their own and others’ health at risk.

As such we’ll keep on pushing the government for more support – NOW – which is when people need it.

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