Delivery giant UPS told: ‘Clean up your act’ over coronavirus hygiene regime

Logistics giant UPS has been told to massively improve its cleaning regime at its depots and in the interiors of vehicles, as drivers are concerned by the threat of coronavirus as they deliver vital supplies, such as medicines.

The call has come from Unite, Britain and Ireland’s largest union, which represents about 2,500 members nationally who are involved in the feeder and package car delivery operations.

Unite has been constantly telling the management this week that when feeder drivers arrive at site they have to use equipment that has not been properly sanitised. The union wants this practice stopped and replaced with high-standard alternatives.

The feeder drivers move goods, such as medicines, to the depots which are then delivered by the package car drivers to their final destination. The drivers are also concerned that the vehicles’ interiors have not been cleaned sufficiently.

Unite national officer for road transport and logistics Matt Draper said: “Delivering vital supplies, such as medicines, falls into the key worker category and therefore UPS bosses need to listen to our serious concerns.

“The hygiene regime at UPS depots needs to be massively ramped up and the risk to the drivers reduced as much as humanely possible.  

“The same issues are also facing our delivery drivers, who are keen to contribute at this time and understand that essential medicines and similar products need to continue to be delivered. 

“However, they do have concerns about the delivery of non-essential goods, but while these deliveries are allowed to continue, UPS must ensure that our members’ legitimate concerns about lack of hand sanitisers are addressed and the cleaning of vehicles needs to focus on the inside, as well as the exterior, to ensure the safety of the drivers.

“If ever there was a time for a company ‘to clean up its act’ – that time is now.” 

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