Corbyn writes to PM demanding more tests and PPE for NHS workers

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Opposition, has written to the Prime Minister with a plan for immediate action to improve the safety of our NHS and care workers.

Corbyn demands more PPE, and greater testing and tracing for NHS workers and care workers as a matter of urgency, in order to ensure the protection of themselves and the public.

He states that the “test for our society is whether we come through this strengthened, with greater solidarity forged in the heat of a crisis; or whether we emerge diminished.”

Jeremy Corbyn outlines six key demands:

  1. Full PPE now for health and social care workers
  2. Test, test, test
  3. Expand social care
  4. Enforce social distancing and protection
  5. Bolster support for workers
  6. Lead a global response

The Labour leader finishes his letter by iterating that “we can emerge from this crisis with that fabric strengthened – but it requires a recognition that we can no longer tolerate the inequality and insecurity that has left all of us weaker than we should have been in the face of this pandemic.”

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