Ashworth responds to IFS report that the vulnerable will be hit hardest by NHS disruption and economic downturn

Jonathan Ashworth MP, Labour’s Shadow Health and Social Care Secretary, responding to the latest IFS report that reveals economic downturn and wider NHS disruption likely to hit the health of the most vulnerable hardest, said:

“Labour supports the necessary measures to enforce social distancing and protect lives, but this of course brings huge disruption and challenges for the vulnerable on waiting lists for vital treatment, or who need non-coronavirus emergency care. Ministers must outline what plans are in place to ensure patients whose treatment has been delayed will be protected.

“We must also act to reduce as much as possible the negative economic impacts of these necessary measures, which is why we are pushing the government to do all it can to protect jobs, sustain businesses and maintain incomes.

“If the schemes fail to work as they should, unemployment will rise even more significantly and people’s health will worsen. We cannot allow that to happen.”

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