Unite stops Cardiff based company sacking workers during Covid 19 crisis

A Unite campaign has stopped a Cardiff based food wholesaler from attempting to cruelly sack over 100 low paid workers.

Global Foods in Cardiff sacked all its 117 workers days after the government’s job retention scheme was announced, leaving workers jobless in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.

But a handful of workers who belonged to Unite contacted their union and Unite initiated a hard-hitting campaign which ensured the workers were furloughed instead of being sacked.

When Global Foods attempted to argue that workers with less than two year’s service should still lose their jobs, Unite intervened again and the company quickly reversed its decision.

Unite regional officer Alan McCarthy said: “A hard-hitting campaign by Unite has stopped Global Foods in Cardiff from cruelly sacking workers in the middle of this unprecedented health crisis. Unite’s influence in the workplace combined with political and community pressure ensured bosses at Global Foods reversed their decision and have now thankfully furloughed the workers.

“Since the campaign began growing numbers of the workforce have been joining Unite. Our union is doing an extremely important job at this difficult time. This win for workers once again proves that Unite is on the front-line ready to fight for workers during this health crisis.”

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