Keir Starmer’s VE Day message

We remember their service, and their sacrifice – Keir Starmer’s VE Day message

Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party, will pay tribute on VE Day to “the millions of people from across the United Kingdom and from across the world” who helped secure victory in the Second World War.

In a video message, tonight, on Victory in Europe Day, the Labour Leader will praise the “shared values” of those who stood together and highlight the legacy of “those that rebuilt and renewed our country after the war.”

In recognition of the coronavirus pandemic he will say:

“In normal times we would be paying tribute to their achievements in street parties, in gatherings and events at the Cenotaph. This year we can’t do that.”

He adds:

“We commemorate those who stood together for a better future. We remember their service, and also their sacrifice.”

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