Clive Lewis’s reaction to coronavirus outbreak in at least 25% of Norfolk Care Homes

“This government has been telling us that everything possible is being done to protect the elderly and vulnerable from coronavirus. But at the same time, its policies have been jeopardising the older people and staff that care for them.

For weeks, experts have been raising the alarm that the monomaniacal focus on trying to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed has been pushing an equally significant and lethal burden onto care homes.

Time after time, I’ve been told by care workers that they can’t reliably get tests and protective equipment. Care homes have also been on the receiving end of measures to admit only the sickest for hospital treatment and to clear out as many non-acute patients as possible from wards, intensifying the risk to many care staff and older people.

This government were to slow to lock down, too slow to get protective equipment to frontline workers and has now presided over a systemic failure to protect staff and residents in care homes across our county.”

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