Mohammad Yasin makes a comparison between VE Day and Covid-19

The Victory in Europe Remembrance is particularly special this year – not just because its the 75th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany to Allied forces and the end of bloodshed in Europe following the Second World War, but because Europe and the world are facing another huge crisis together.

Whilst we consider their service and sacrifice, we remember how allies across the world came together to fight for our shared values; values of freedom, of democracy, of peace and of tolerance.

We also pay tribute to those that rebuilt and renewed our country after the war. Based on their values they built a better future. Theirs is an incredible legacy – the National Health Service, the welfare state, the recognition of human rights.

Today, the battle against Covid-19 goes on, as scientists across the world work together towards a vaccine.

Let us think of those on the frontline past and present and the sacrifice they are making for us every day.

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