Wales TUC statement in response to the Prime Minister’s announcement on lockdown

Wales TUC General Secretary Shavanah Taj has made the following statement in response to the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday 10 May

“Boris Johnson’s reckless statement will cause working people a lot of confusion and anxiety.

“It is vital that the public understand that Johnson’s measures do not apply in Wales. It is the Welsh Government that is managing the crisis response in Wales and we welcome the more cautious approach that the First Minister has set out.

“Unions will be working closely with the Welsh Government in the coming days to ensure that workers in the areas that the First Minister has indicated could look to re-open – such as libraries and garden centres – can do so safely.

“Unions want to support a safe return to work so we can start rebuilding the economy. But workers have to know they won’t put themselves or their families at unnecessary risk.

“That’s why we need to introduce tough new rules on workplace safety and clear guidance for each sector setting out how workers will be protected.

“We know that unionised workplaces are safer work places and we’d urge everyone to join a union if they’re not already a member.

“We will continue to work with the Welsh Government to ensure that the safety of workers remains the number one priority. That’s the only way to build public confidence in their plans and get the economy moving.”

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