P&0 plans to fire 1,100 workers while paying £270m dividends branded ‘appalling’

Commenting on ferry firm P&O’s plans to make 1,100 workers redundant due to the coronavirus crisis, Unite regional officer Dave Weeks said:

“P&O should have been rewarding its workers for keeping vital supply lines open during the pandemic. Instead the company has stabbed them in the back by announcing more than 1,000 job losses. 

“This is appalling behaviour, especially considering that P&O is still planning on paying out £270 million in dividends and is asking the government for £150 million in support. Meanwhile, P&O’s parent company, DP World, earned profits of more than £1 billion last year.

“P&O’s excuse for these layoffs is that they are needed to make the company ‘viable’, when in fact it is about maximising profits at the expense of its staff. Unite will be doing everything in its power to challenge these redundancies and protect the interests of our members.”

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