Nick Thomas-Symonds responds to new quarantine plans for people travelling to the UK

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to new quarantine plans for people travelling to the UK, announced by the Government today, said:

“Labour supports these measures but is clear they are no substitute for a long-term, well thought through approach.

“The Government’s handling of arrivals into the UK has lacked urgency, coherence and clarity from the outset.  If quarantine is needed, it should not have taken so long for measures to be introduced. Too little thought has been given to testing and screening at airports. Far greater transparency is needed and the scientific evidence underpinning this decision should be made public.

“It is vital that these measures are only in place for as long as strictly necessary, and are regularly reviewed. Given the impact on aviation and related sectors, it is also now critical they bring forward a sustained package of support which meets Labour’s six tests, as huge numbers of jobs are at risk. The Government must now, even at this late stage, lead international cooperation on travel.

“This all shows how urgent the need is to have an effective test, trace and isolate system in place which should enable smarter restrictions going forward and prevent a second wave of infection.”

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