Rebecca Long Bailey responds to today’s announcement on schools reopening

Rebecca Long Bailey MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, responding to today’s announcement on schools reopening, said:

“Returning to school is a priority for the sake of pupils’ education and wellbeing, however schools should only open when it is safe to do so. Today’s announcement further fails to provide the assurances parents, school staff, and pupils were looking for.

“Repeatedly, the Government have been asked to set up a taskforce of education unions, parents organisations and health experts to agree upon a series of practical safety measures that must be met before any date for reopening was confirmed. It is vital that the Government carries the confidence of trade unions, school staff and parents and we urge them to work much more closely with to ensure those safety concerns are addressed.

“Revelations in recent days have already damaged public trust, if they fail to get this vital issue right they risk losing public trust completely.”

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