Amendment to retain remote voting and virtual participation by MPs

Labour and opposition parties have today tabled an amendment, seeking to retain the arrangements which allow MPs to participate in Parliament on an equal basis regardless of their personal circumstances during the Covid-19 emergency.

Labour reaffirms our support for remote voting and hybrid virtual arrangements and will support any reasonable proposal tomorrow, such as those made by the Conservative chaired Procedure Committee, to achieve this end.

Valerie Vaz MP, Shadow Leader of the House, said:

“Jacob Rees-Mogg’s discriminatory proposals would result in two classes of MPs. Those who can physically attend and those unable to owing to the Government’s own rules, including having an underlying health condition or shielding responsibilities.

“The abolition of the hybrid remote parliament which allowed all MPs to take part regardless of their personal circumstances is discriminatory and would not be acceptable in any other workplace.

“We remain ready to work with the Government and all parties to reach a consensus that would allow all MPs to participate on an equal basis.”

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