Black Lives Matter

LGBT Foundation stands with Black communities in the UK and around the world fighting against racism, structural oppression and police brutality. This is our fight too – as an organisation, we believe that the only way we will ever eradicate racism is if we, as one community, collectively take a zero-tolerance policy and call out racism in all its forms.

Systemic racism exists in this country and we as an organisation are committed to taking steps in tackling racism in our own communities. Racism is something so many grow up learning to deal with and if we are to make any progress, it cannot be for people of colour to deal with alone.

The murder of George Floyd has once again brought systemic racism to the world’s attention, but it is not an isolated incident. Many years of inaction or wilful ignorance about police violence, racial profiling, and injustice against black people have led us to this place. With the world’s eyes upon the USA, now must be the time for global action. Black people have, for many years, supported all radical civil rights movements, including the fight for the hard-won rights of LGBT people. As a global community we must step up and step up now.

We must also step up within our own communities. LGBT spaces should be a welcoming place for all LGBT people, but racism continue to be a regular experience for LGBT people of colour within these communities. As we work to end homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, we must at the same time eradicate racism within in LGBT communities. We will never be truly equal until we have put an end to all forms of discrimination and oppression.

As we enter Pride season, we need to ensure that LGBT spaces are safe for all LGBT people. If you experience racism or witness racism directed at anyone else, call it out. LGBT Foundation is a Hate Crime Reporting Centre, and we are committed to helping LGBT people report racism, and that includes taking a formal statement.

The delayed publication of the Disparities in the Risk and Outcomes of COVID-19 review by Public Health England has left many feeling angry. The report reveals the extensive impact of the increased suffering of Black and Asian people during the pandemic because of institutional racism, with Black and Asian people up to twice as likely to die from the virus. The report also fails to acknowledge intersectionality and ignores the unique experiences of LGBT people of colour.

Many QTIPOC have told us that they are exhausted right now – emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. These times are traumatic and frightening, but we love you and we will always be here if you need us. If you need to speak to someone, call us on 0345 3 30 30 30.

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