Only 36% of England’s dental practices reopening Monday – Ashworth

Jonathan Ashworth MP, Labour’s ShadoJonathan Ashworthw Health Secretary, responding to the British Dental Association poll showing only 36% of England’s practices will be reopening on Monday 8 June, said:

“This will no doubt have been an agonising time for those suffering from dental problems during the lockdown. The reopening of dental practices is a welcome step, but it is vital that this doesn’t risk the health of dentists, patients and staff.

“Throughout the pandemic, PPE stocks have been insufficient for Urgent Dental Care hubs to operate as planned which has only exacerbated this issue. Government and Public Health England need to ensure that dental practices aren’t put in a similar position, where they feel obligated to operate without adequate protection in order to meet patients’ needs.

“This pandemic has hugely impacted our health services – it is vital that Ministers urgently begin to address this backlog of delayed treatment and rising clinical need.”

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