Fresh blow to West Midlands’ automotive sector as Sertec announces redundancies

Unite the union has described the announcement that car components company Sertec is intending to make extensive redundancies as a ‘fresh blow’ to the region’s automotive sector and a ‘premature decision.

Car component job losses

The company, which produces car components for JLR, Nissan and Toyota, has announced that it is intending to make 428 redundancies from its 1,300 employees. The majority of the workforce is currently furloughed under the government’s job retention scheme (JRS).

The redundancies will occur at its factories in Coleshill, Hams Hall, Redditch, Tyserly, Witton and Aston.

Bitter blow

Unite regional officer Jason Richards said: “This is another bitter blow to the automotive industry in the West Midlands.

 “Unite is seeking urgent meetings with Sertec to persuade them to reverse this decision or delay it so that a more accurate assessment of the automotive sector can be made.

 “This is a premature decision as most of the workforce is currently furloughed. The government’s job retention scheme was not designed as a vehicle to make workers redundant.

 “By undertaking a redundancy programme while workers are furloughed, Sertec is denying Unite its legal right to meaningfully consult with union members and allow the union access to the entire bargaining group. This is impossible when the workforce is furloughed under a scheme that specifically precludes employees from working.

 “If the redundancy programme does proceed then Unite will be seeking to mitigate job losses and ensure that compulsory redundancies are kept to an absolute minimum.

 “Unite will ensure that all affected workers are treated fairly and receive everything that they are legally entitled to.”

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