Richard Desmond gave Tories £12k after development plans given approval

Mike AmesburyMike Amesbury MPShadow Minister for Housing and Planning, responding to reports that billionaire property developer Richard Desmond gave Tories £12k two weeks after his plans got the go-ahead from Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick, said:

“This is yet another indication that Robert Jenrick’s unlawful decision to approve this planning decision against the wishes of the local council was done to benefit Richard Desmond, a wealthy Tory donor, to the tune of millions of pounds.

“This latest revelation comes hours after Jenrick announced new plans to remove planning decisions from locally elected councillors, enabling Ministers to take more decisions over the heads of local communities for the benefit of their wealthy friends.”

“Robert Jenrick should come clean and publish all correspondence with Richard Desmond about this case – otherwise the public will be entitled to think it’s one rule for the Conservatives and their wealthy friends, and another rule for everyone else.”

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