Hong Kong national security legislation direct challenge to the Joint Declaration – Lisa Nandy

Lisa Nandy MP, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, commenting on national security laws imposed on Hong Kong and the pro-democracy protests, said:

“The imposition of new national security legislation in Hong Kong represents a direct challenge to the Joint Declaration, undermining both the commitments made to the UK by China and the obligation that we have to the people of Hong Kong. The government promised action at the point of application – they must not waver now.

“It has been 5 weeks since the Foreign Secretary proposed extending visa rights to British Nationals Overseas passport holders living in Hong Kong, but the government has failed to provide any further details. Today, pro-democracy protesters and journalists in Hong Kong have been dispersed using water cannons and pepper spray and dozens have reportedly already been detained under the new security legislation.

“Now is not the moment to look away. The Foreign Secretary must come to Parliament today and lay out the concrete steps he will take to fulfil the UK’s commitment to the people of Hong Kong and to uphold the freedoms enshrined in the Joint Declaration.”

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