The Labour Party won the general election with a landslide majority of 179 in 1997. A staggering 13,551,381 people voted for Labour, giving the Party a massive majority, and at the time the largest swing that any political party had achieved since 1945.

The election took place on 2nd May 1997 and left the Labour Party with a net gain of 146 seats with 43.2% of the vote from a turnout of 71.4%. This ended 18 years of Conservative rule with them suffering their worst defeat since 1906. Labour remained in power for three terms before relinquishing power in 2010.

How times have changed, since then we have lost the last four general elections and none more humiliating than that in 2019.

The Conservatives gained a majority of 80 with total seats of 650. Everyone has a view on what went so horribly wrong, from our Brexit strategy to Jeremy Corbin, to antisemitism to name but a few. We are so unpopular right now that even our voters from the Labour Heartlands have turned their backs on us.

The next general election is due on Thursday 2nd May 2024.

We have several years to turn this around and make us fit to once again lead the country. This will not be done by telling the voters why they should vote for us but by us demonstrating, role modelling and living to our principals of standing up for the many, fighting for fairness and equality for all.


Here in the East of England we have five Labour MP’s to lead us through these troubled times:

Clive Lewis – Norwich South

Daniel Zeichner – Cambridge

Mohammad Yasin – Bedford

Rachel Hopkins – Luton South

Sarah Owen – Luton North

This is not an official Labour Party website. However, our purpose is to champion everything Labour and to challenge and make accountable the governing Conservative Party. We will do this by highlighting the great work of our MP’s, County and District  Councillors, Local Labour Party activists, and our grassroots supporters.


We all just plod on, getting on with life, accepting that this is just how it is, but is it?

Here at ‘SocandTra’ we are promoting Trade Unions and the work that they do. There are many that cater for the industry that you are employed in, for the unemployed and for those in the community. We suggest that you visit the TUC website first and they will point you in the direction of the most suitable union for you.

Those that join Unions generally receive higher pay, are treated with greater respect and have safer workplaces.

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