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At PMQs, I asked the Prime Minister to use the budget to end families and children in Luton relying on food banks to survive.

Instead, the Treasury’s own analysis shows that this budget disproportionately benefits wealthier families and doesn’t end in-work poverty.

The government are failing communities across the UK by refusing to sufficiently invest in social mobility and public services.



Budget ‘breaks promise’ to Norwich with multi-million transport fund diluted

Not only is this kind of broken promise bad for our city, it’s just the kind of ‘say one thing, do another’ stunt that turns people off politics. We had an election in December when no doubt Tory candidate were marching round saying vote for us and we’ll bring x, y and back to Norfolk.

Fewer than three months later, their government has got its feet under the table and is playing divide and rule between cities all of which need this kind of funding to have any chance at all of reducing transport carbon emissions in their areas

My immediate response to today’s budget:

This is a smoke and mirrors, damp squib of a budget which falls far short of what is needed to deal with the crisis in public services in our city, reduce regional inequalities or respond in any meaningful way to the climate emergency.

This budget won’t re-open the 38 children’s centres shut by the Tories, bring back the 150 sacked Police Community Support Officers or go anywhere near replacing the £40m slashed from the Norfolk Constabulary budget since 2010.

With council spending per person still 20% lower in 2020–21 than it was in 2009–10, our local authorities continue to run on empty. And that matters hugely because they are on the frontline of response to the huge challenges of the climate crisis, an ageing society and public health emergencies like coronavirus. Those cuts have happened at the same time as council duties related to Public health, Social care and Homelessness have increased and demand for those services has also soared.

I can’t see any way the supposedly new NHS money will actually add to our city’s health service. There is already the black hole of a near £100m deficit in the overall health budget for Norfolk and Waveney to fill and there is nothing in today’s announcements that will stop our county’s main hospital and mental health services from languishing perpetually in special measures.

The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the UEA says of all the counties in mainland UK, Norfolk is the most “at-risk” from the effects of the climate emergency but the scale and objectives of the capital spending announced doesn’t even scratch the surface of what is needed to push back against climate breakdown.

Coastal erosion, flooding and lack of rainfall have profound effects here and Norfolk’s economy and jobs – tourism, agriculture, food, fishing, even the insurance industry – are extremely exposed to the environmental emergency.

The IPPR says £33bn is needed every year to achieve the government’s own 2050 net zero carbon emissions target. And showing just how paper thin this government’s environmental commitment is, almost £30bn is slated for roads which will inevitably result in increased emissions and there’s nothing to bring back the 20% of Environment Agency staff laid off since 2013.”

We Own It

We have to defend public service broadcasting

The BBC is far from perfect, but the solution is not abolition, it is reform.

For that to happen, the BBC must stay a publicly owned, fairly funded public service broadcaster, and we must work together to ensure it enshrines greater transparency, accountability and independence to better serve the public in the 21st century.

I am fully supportive of the grassroots campaign launched by We Own It and The New Weather Institute that is seeking to protect #OurBBC.

As such, I have also tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) in Parliament on the BBC as an institution of national importance. Please write to your MP, and urge them to sign EDM #262 to save, protect and improve the BBC.

You can view the full text of the EDM here