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Free Our Unions: campaigning against the anti-union laws

With the election of a hard-right Tory government promising new restrictions on the right to strike, it is more urgent than ever that the entire labour movement unites to resist anti-union laws.

The Free Our Unions campaign was initiated by The Clarion, along with a statement passed by Lambeth Unison. It is now backed by dozens of unions branches, committees, and local Labour Parties, as well as three national trade unions – IWGB, FBU, and RMT. It was initially established to promote and amplify policies passed at Labour Party conferences calling for the abolition of all anti-union laws (not only the most recent), and to demand Labour fight for this policy in opposition and commit to enacting it in government. (For more background to the campaign, click here.)

The campaign now plans renewed campaigning against the Tories’ proposed new laws, and is calling for united and coordinated activity between existing campaign groups currently active on these issues.

Below on this page are collected regularly updated resources, articles and information about events and activities.

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Support the Free Our Unions statement

As of January 2020, we are circulating a new statement, calling for united opposition and resistance to the Tories’ plans for new restrictions on the right to strike. Click here for the text of the statement, and add your signature using this Google Form.

The original Free Our Unions statement was initiated by Lambeth Unison – see here for the text, a model motion to propose it to your branch with, and a list of signatories. For a supporting motion for Labour Parties, see here.

Sign and circulate the petition

There is also a petition individuals can sign online here – signed already by hundreds of Labour and union activists including Matt Wrack, John McDonnell, Ian Hodson and Claudia Webbe. For a downloadable/printable PDF version to use in meetings, at work, etc, see here.

Free Our Unions pamphlet

For more information about and to buy copies of our new pamphlet Free our unions: why Labour must repeal all the anti-union laws – a great resource for education and campaigning – see here.