Urging PM to take urgent action

I have initiated and co-ordinated almost 50 MP signatories to a letter which urges the Prime Minister to take urgent action on:

1. Clear instruction for the public, taking no chances on safety
2. PPE for all NHS workers now
3. Ramping up of testing, tracing & transparency
4. Close Parliament & move to a #VirtualParliament

This letter – which was sent to the PM today – outlines pretty much the absolute minimum of what needs to be done now to give us the best chance of stopping the further spread of COVID-19. If the government doesn’t pull it’s finger out immediately, I’m afraid to say there will be far more deaths that could have been avoided. The actions we are demanding really should have been taken weeks ago. This could well be our very last chance to act clearly and decisively to save as many lives as possible.


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