Labour Calls for Action to Tackle Coronavirus Disinformation on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram remove fewer than one in ten posts reported for coronavirus misinformation, research from Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) and Restless Development has shown. These findings are in stark contrast to public statements made by each social media company, claiming to be taking strong action to stamp out coronavirus misinformation

Jo Stevens MP, Labour’s Shadow Culture Secretary, responding to the report, said:

“This report exposes yet again, the reality of what the global tech companies promise on removing harmful content and the pitiful steps they actually take in practice. Combatting the impact of the global COVID-19 crisis is difficult enough, without the uncontrolled spread of extremely harmful content on social media platforms.

“More than a year after publication of their Online Harms White Paper, the Government has still not taken any action to put proper protection from online harms in place for the UK public, including for children. All we’ve had are delays, opportunities for the tech giants to continue their intensive lobbying, and recent noises from the Secretary of State about watering down the proposed sanctions in the White Paper. It’s not good enough.”

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